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Corporate Bar taken over by Pirates

I had planned to post this a week ago, but of course I waited, and then waited too long…

There is a show on SpikeTV called “Bar Rescue.” A few months ago a really cool bar near my apartment called Piratz Tavern was picked to be on the show and a few weeks ago it was “rescued”.

Last Saturday I walked up to the bar to meet some friends. I stood under the new sign, a sketch of a man’s body in a suit with the name Corporate Bar written over top.

I opened the door and walked into a bar that was lit brighter than my apartment. I stood in front of a fish tank noticing that the walls looked a lot plainer than what I remembered Piratz Tavern looking like.

The rescue was supposed to change everything, from the menu, the wait staff to the decorations and the name. When I sat down at my table though I was greeted by a “pirate” and given a menu listing, among other Piratz Taverned themed drinks, pitchers Grog.

Not that I’m complaining, but it does make me wonder what happened. Did they realize that the Corporate theme wouldn’t fit with the neighborhood? Was there an outpour of criticism about the socalled “rescue”? Or did the pirates just come into corporate bar and takeover? Either way, welcome back pirates.

The Washington Post published a story about this today and it was the best thing I had read in months.

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