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Mediterranean Pasta

Alright so I made the best meal of my life tonight and I’m really proud of it and impressed with how good it is, so I’m going to share it with everyone.

I decided earlier that I really wanted spaghetti tonight. And avocado. so I went searching through the internet for a recipe that included both. then I found this amazing Mediterranean Pasta recipe.

I was a little worried about how this would work out because I had frozen my avocados so they’d last longer (another great internet find that worked out well).

I eliminated butter from my version entirely and just used Olive Oil which worked just fine. I also used Parsley instead of Cilantro since I think Cilantro is disgusting.

Other than that I followed the rest of the recipe.

Pour the sauce over spaghetti and sprinkle some grated cheese on top. (I also had Coppola’s Bianco Pinot Grigio with my dish which went really well.)

(Sorry I ate it all before I remembered to take a picture) but if anyone tries it and takes photos of theirs please share!

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