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The Polar Bear Plunge

A little over a year ago my friend called me and told me she had just come back from an event called the “Polar Bear Plunge” and it looked like the coolest thing she had ever seen and “we should definitely do it next year.”

So around November or December I looked up Polar Bear Plunge MD, emailed the information to her, and the next thing I knew we were registered to “plunge” into the Chesapeake Bay in the middle of winter.

The Polar Bear Plunge took place last weekend in Annapolis. All plungers are required to raise at least $50 dollars in order to participate— All of the proceeds from the event go to the Maryland Special Olympics, an organization that I am a big supporter of since I started working for an organization that supports adults with disabilities.

Luckily for us, it was around 55 degrees on the day of the event making the water around 40. So all in all it wasn’t so bad. It was still a pretty big shock for my body though when the water hit my bear legs. Even more so when I forced myself to stay in the water so my friend and I could get photos of each other.

Even more important than mentally preparing for the cold water though, was preparing our outfits to wear when we “plunged”. The only thing we knew without a doubt is that we had to wear bow ties. It’s amazing how hard it is to find a good bow tie for a woman. So we ended up making ours; or my friend made ours. The other must—at least for my outfit— was a Tutu which I hapended to find at Hot Topic, a store I haven’t set foot in since I was 15.  We also opted to chalk our hair (http://www.seventeen.com/fashion/blog/hair-chalking). Which we did using Soft Pastels from the craft store. It was perfect because it washed out right away unlike actual dye that usually takes a least a few days to wash out. Unfortunately it made our hair feel like a Barbie doll’s.

The photos are ones my friend and fellow plunger, Taylor Welch, took of the event (She happens to be a professional photographer so I am also including a link to her website too- http://www.taylorwphotography.com/):

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